Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kudos and Kisses to Ms CynthiaM......

 her full name is Cynthia McCorkindale

she's the CynthiaM in our previous post
the wonderful singer of Bistro Blue 
do check out her album at YouTube here 

we wrote to thank her for the album
and guess what.....

the busy lady REPLIED personally!!!

she actually replied and that's a
Biiiiiiig deal around here as

mumster who's Not even a celebrity
is rather inefficient with OUR mail bol....... 

 so it's kudos to ms CynthiaM for
taking time off her busy schedule
to respond .......that says alot
about this classy hooman........

PeeS:  and she's sending us a Signed copy of her album
TQ TQ TQ ms CynthiaM for your generosity!!!
PeePeeS: mumster is walking around with that
big grin and we can't see her supposedly biiig eyes
...oops, she just tripped on her own toes bol.......

biiiiiiig hugs and kisses from us,

Tiffy n


Friday, June 8, 2012

Wonderful "Bistro Blue"

we don't speak nor understand French
but mumster has been playing this CD 
Bistro Blue
she bought recently ( like yesterday )

and of course we have No choice but
to also listen to it's been
playing all night long.....

picture this, she Sings eh hums along
and picks Tiffy up to dance with her....
all the while not understanding a single word...
of course my darling sister Tiffy
dozes off  ha......

don't we just luv mumsters who
imagine they can hold a tune..........

I must say I do like the music and I dozed off too
err, no offence intended, Ms Cyntia

mumster says the singer Cyntia M
 makes her happy and she has been 
blue lately, trust us, really down.....

we must check out whether CyntiaM
( yes, we checked the spelling and it's Without
the "H"  on her album )
has more albums.....
hey anything that makes our mumster happy bol.... 

hey guys, you Will Not regret listening
to this wonderful album......

 chikisses to ms CyntiaM for making mumster
smile so broadly.......

Tiffy n


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