Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today Is Your Day Tiffy, So Yak Away.....


i've been waiting for this day for soooooooo long...
(see how high i can jump woo hoo!)

my itsy bitsy old sista CoCo has been teaching
me about life.....

she's smart and savvy she thinks
do you know that according to the
intelligence ranking for dogs,

i'm rank at Number 2, numero umero 2!!!
and  Chihuahuas are  ranked 67 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
do you hoomans  smart alecks  know that????

my sista is ranked way down at at 67!

well, she's a SMART 67.....yes, she Is

i'm also aware that
in mummy's heart,  i'm number TWO

I Know as i HEARD her saying  Not Once,
Not Twice BUT THREE Times

that she will Rescue my sista Over Meeeeee
if we were drowning!!!!! 

i  @#$%^ on my chicken......
cross my heart and hope to drown!

yes mummy and you thought your little poodle girl
was sleeping and did Not understand English huh?

well, my little big and old sista nudged me in my butt
ensuring i Not miss this enlightening revelation...

i also know that my daddy and my chicken
Loooooves meeeee
unconditionally, i pray?

here's my sista the old geezer taking a break from her sisterly duties
and comtemplating what to have for dinner
Which outfit to change into...

Don't misunderstand meeeee...
I declare I Have Nothing against clothes... only those
wearing them 
i mean once my hair grows back to its full glory,
what's the big deal with donning  a tee or a dress
clothes are redundant

You Are All Aware that I'm wearing Coco's clothes
to prevent me from licking my wounds?
it's been too long to use as an excuse mummy..
please don't let me label you as idiotic.....

back to you Coco before i say too much  ....and
i would loooove to spill ALL;  wait for my
next post, will ya?

till the next time,

and have a great weekend,


Parsley said...

You crack me up and make me laugh Tiff!

Cole said...

Oh, Tiffy...Mom ACTUALLY said that she'd save Coco over you?!?! I don't believe that! I think she loves you both equally.

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Ha ha Tiffy look at you climb that kennel. We don't know where we rank but I know I have to higher than my old geyzer sister Tuni.


Lorenza said...

what were you trying to do in that first picture??
I know your mom has enough love for you and CoCo!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

houndstooth said...

BOL! Tiffy, I like your moxie! I wouldn't worry about your mom and Coco if the ship starts sinking, just stay close to your dad!


Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

Muahzzzz to you too Tiffy. I don't believe your Mum would leave you to drown, she would be more likely to drown herself trying to save you both.
Hope you get out of those pesky clothes soon, we hate 'em too!
Loves that pic of you asleep on your back, you look like Snoopy from Peanuts.
Wags, Dip Bridge and Elliot xx

Martha and Bailey said...

You are too funny girlfriend! We would save you first if you were drowning. Well Martha would jump in and then remember bassets can't really swim and then our humans would jump in and save you first cos you don't weigh as much.....!
Very cute pics....!
Martha and Bailey xxx

Mack said...

Be nice to your little Big sistah!
You two are real cuties!

MAXMOM said...

Looking as cute as ever!
Sending lotsaluv

3 doxies said...

Hahahahah...OMG...Tiffy, I looooves you cuz you sooo much like me. Oh what a refreshing breath you are.
Now, if I was you...I would prolly stay away from all bodies of water and dat includes baff tubs.


sprinkles said...

If you and Coco were ever in a situation where you were drowning, I'm sure your mummy would do everything she could to save you both! How could she possibly resist that adorable face?

Anonymous said...


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Tiffy you look like you have little springs in those toes, to jump so high!
Now Tiffy,,,, I know your mama loves you just as much as Coco.
I think it was just a bad dream you had,,,thats all, just a bad dream

Bijou said...

Hi Girls,

I don't believe your mom would leave you behind Tiffy. She has two hands, so can save two little doggies!

I hope you two have a nice weekend!


Chester said...

BOL! Tiffy you sure have a way with crossin' out your words!!!

don't worry - if any of you start to drown you just call on Big Brown and I'll be there to save you! I have your address plugged into my waterproof GPS just in case!

Your post always brings a smile to mine and Mom's face - THANK-YOU!!!

Woofs and waterproof slobbers,
Chester ;0=)

Santa, Minnie and Christmas said... are funny Tiffy. Wonder if you can jump higher than Minnie. When we were at boarding, Minnie jumped and was almost hanging on the "fence" of the playpen. She was rescued just in time.

Life With Dogs said...

Interesting. I get called number two a lot, and I suspect it's just not quite the same thing...

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Oh Tiffy, do you know that you have a very cute face, I love the last picture, I just want to hug you, cutie pie!

SquirrelQueen said...

My goodness Tiffy, you are certainly in a sassy mood. Be nice to your sister.

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