Friday, October 21, 2011

Tiffy's First Holiday......Sayonara Penang

we have to say goodbye to Penang
and guess WHO is still hungry???

she sneaked into Cafe Mews.....

we wandered outside the room playing with the
crawlies.....of course she Did Not see us!!!
she was too busy ordering her food.....

and all this while dadster was resting.....

cheche Jhunelle nearly caught us.....

 delicious nyonya laksa huh....

yummy yummy mango, sticky rice and
coconut ice cream !!!

one dessert is Not enough???......

and served by the nice  korkor Faizal and
cheche Jenny.....

she was too busy being a glut that she did not
  see us enjoying the cool aircon with her, bol!!!

being the well brought up pups that we are,  ha....

we thanked our favourite cheche Chona
for taking such good care of us

and we asked her to
thank ALL the  other cheche and korkor
whose pics are Not here....

 Liezell     Kumar
Saras     Rommel
for their genuine warmth
and smiles


they made us feel
like the princesses that we are...

sayonara Penang..... see you soon

do we really have to leave????

guess what......we looooove cheche Chona
as she made our next booking in
OUR names!!!!

Not mumster's
Not dadster's

just CoCo & Tiffy!!!

chikisses and hugs,
from meeeeee Tiffy &
well, just in case you missed our earlier posts:


Two French Bulldogs said...

Sure looks like a wonderful vacation with yummE food. What great pictures
Benny & Lily

sprinkles said...

Did you save me some of that mango and coconut ice cream? They both look sooooooo good!

Thor and Jack said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful holiday! We love Tiffy's picture!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a grrreat vaca! Oh the foods look soooo very good!

I sure hope that you got to have some of that good looking ice cream and the rice too, yum!

woos, Tessa

Suka said...

hey CocoRue and Tiffy,

What an amazing first holiday you have had! The food looks SO delicious! Not only am I drooling, but my human is as well (don't tell her I told you!). So glad you had such a fantastic time, and thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos!

You live in such a beautiful area, and have such kind, wonderful friends in your life. You are both very lucky Princess pups!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh I am so hungrys now!!

Chester said...

Your hoomans and I are alot alike we sure do enjoy lots and lots of foodables....and I'm OK with that.

You and Tiffy don't look like you gained an ounce, Coco - must be from chasin' all the creepie crawlies outta that beautiful garden.

I'm hoping you are all home, safe and sound again. I'm still runnin' around like a nut case tryin' to catch up on what everybody's been doin' since we finally finished the kitchen project.

Woofs and I'd like some of that mango slobbers,
Chester ;0=)

Anonymous said...

Hey CocoRue and Tiffy!

Hope that you and yours have a



Missing you both LOTS!

woos, Tessa

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