Sunday, July 19, 2009

How Mum came into my Life

my sibling was sold to a pet shop and i was the extra 'baggage.'.... the condition for the sale was if we were taken as a pair. ......the breeder considered me difficult to sell as i was too small to breed and he was uncertain whether i would survive...... the pet shop owner saw that i loved to eat and knew that i would be fine. .....he also knew that he would have difficulty finding me a home as i would require a lot of tender loving care.

after being there for a couple of days, a lady came in and it was obvious that the pet shop owner and she were friends...... i heard him telling her about me and then i saw her...... she smiled at me but was hesitant to hold me and i was also shy. ......she then stoop to my level and sat me on her lap and caressed me. ......i think i fell in love at that moment and she said that i was "so cute and so tiny."

she had to leave but came back to see me at least three times..... i remembered her telling me that she wanted me but was unsure whether she could dedicate enough time to look after me as she had a very busy life and had to travel frequently...... she also said that having me is a total lifestyle change and a major commitment for her...... i looked hard at her whenever she spoke and she said that she's in love with my eyes and my "good eye contact."

after the three visits, i looked forward to seeing her but she stopped coming for awhile..... i sat waiting for her and whenever i was shown to other people, i would just stay in one corner of the cage. most people after calling me "cute" would ignore me to concentrate on other dogs..... by now, my sibling had been sold and i was lonely.

then, one day i saw her again and i was so happy and the best part was she was also happy to see me!.... she told me that she was going to look after me for a week as the shop owner had to leave town for a couple of days.

in retrospect, i think the shop owner was very smart..... sensing her reluctance to commit to me, he knew that she would come to love me if she could spend some time with me.......and his plan worked.

so, i went home with her and we fell in love with one another and i stayed and stayed till today.



Tiffany said...

That's a wonderful story Coco! We're so glad that you and your mom hit it off so well. Otherwise, the munchkins and I may never have gotten to know you and your mom, who have become such dear friends. If I had been her, I'm sure I would have fallen in love with you instantly too. You're just so darn cute! And I love your sass. Lexi is sassy too.

Aunt Tiffany & cousins Bentley & Lexus

Bijou said...

Hi Coco,

What a sweet story! I am glad you and your mom found each other. Every dog deserves a good hooman and every hooman needs a good dog. That's what I think anyways!

Wags & wiggles,

Nadine said...

Coco, what a touching story. I'm so glad that your Mum decided to bring you home! It was obviously meant to be. But if I saw you first, you would have been out of that pet shop in a heart beat, hehe!

Love, Auntie Nadine

Cocorue said...

Aunt Tiffany/Bentley/Lexi
Auntie Nadine


Waggy kisses,

Heather said...

A story with a very happy ending - the best kind!

Chester said...

What a great story Coco! I think you and her were meant to be together. How could anybody not want such a big heart in such a tiny package? You are very lucky to have her and she to have you.

Enjoy every moment together!
Chester ;0=)

Draco and his Mom said...

I loved your Gotcha Story very much...I am soooo happy you and the mumster found each other.

Thanks for visiting

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