Monday, July 13, 2009

Quick Rundown

My Loves:

food, food and more food.

my towels and blankies

my mummy and daddy (ok, they should top the list....)

going out ( just about anywhere )

dressing up ( but it has to be dad dressing me as he has not hurt me yet ....)

what else is there not to love when you're constantly being kissed, spoilt rotten BUT you must also know your place bol..........

let's still keep some things private, for now

My Dislikes: not too strong a word and acceptable by most of you, right???

looking at myself in the mirror ( I'm vain but not that vain ) and I did not place
myself there, ok

being passed around

being talked about like I'm invisible ( I am small but I'm not dense bol )

being told off when I have not done anything wrong yet

meanies ( and there are quite a few around and they think I can't see through them, ha )

let's also keep a few private, for now

D CoCo


Tiffany said...

Oh boy, we have a lot in common, Coco! Sis and I also love food (any and all will do...we don't discriminate), mom & dad, blankies, & going out. And we (especially Lex) don't like being talked about like we're invisible either. We're so glad you joined us here, friend!

Chihuahua kisses,
Bentley & Lexus

Cocorue said...

We do huh.......great minds think alike, don't you agree but.........( I shall leave that unsaid lol)

Thanks and I'm happy I have friends here as it can get rather lonely .....and mum is still a mum, you know. I will pop over to you guys whenever I get the chance to, ok?

Chi hugs & xoxo

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