Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

December Puppers....Err, They Wished!!!

December Babes plus One Hunk,  bol...

Happy Birthday Grandma...Dec25

Happy Birthday Cherie...Dec27
 Our mumster...Dec30

DeReal Deal
our darling pupper, Tiffane...Dec12

hunky cousin TJ...Dec12

Here's wishing ALL dawgs & hoomans
born in December

A Very Happy Birthday



Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010...More Than Just Good Food!

Christmas at aunt EeSim's...

it's way More than fooooood, bol!

we're Very happy to see you too
aunt Catherine, bol....

Coco help!!!.... WLiem & Jess are getting
 too excited.......

sorry, help yourself Tiff......
yeah..... eat your heart out now, CoCo....

( CoCo: you're sure she's NOT
mistaken you for her kitty, Tiff ??? )

look at Me now, Not her......

Meeeeeeee guys........
this is born talent; raw talent!

( CoCo: hey Tiff, you think
he's Delusional bol??? )

we Know, you're Wishing Cherie
were a hooMan as she's such a
gooooooooood lead.....

( not too late mumster, as
SantaPaws has YET to visit
since he's Stuck in the snowstorm!!! )

they're Still dancing???
we NEED to eat, hello........

i know and i'm hungry and sleepy...

very very sleepy.....
Good Night and Merry Christmas all

and Tiffy

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Warm Greetings To ALL Our Furiends Around The World............XoXoXo

Here's wishing ALL our friends
a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2011

May you have the warmth of family and friends
around you during this time...
Here's to happiness and good health ...

 & all the fun, food and booze before year end, BOL!!!

ThankQ for being our furiend,
Much love and chikisses,
Tiffy & deHooman

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

We Are Looking Forward To Christmas!!!

Yipee, dadster's home and we Know
it will be a great Christmas!!! 

ThankQ for your well wishes...

when dadster was away for his surgery,
we did not have the heart to decorate
we made mumster light up the two trees
in the balcony
and we'd like to share these with you...

oh my dog, they look much better in real life...
we hope you will all have
a wonderful Christmas too.....


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hi Hi.....A Quick Update

Hello, we are fine and we trust
all of you are well too as we
 have Missed you sooooo much.......

We were MIA as dadster had been unwell 
and TONIGHT was his surgery
and he's now back in his hospital room
and we are going to sleep better tonight....

We did not want to worry all of you unnecessarily
so we waited till we had better news.....
We told mumster that we had to write tonight
BEFORE we were forgotton bol!

We wanted to know more about the surgery
so we can explain better BUT all that hooman
told us was NOT to make dadster laugh
too much when we see him

as his " hiney Can't take it"
We need another hooman to explain this
as we are as puzzled as all of you?????????

The other good news is that
Tiffy turned ONE on December12...

We have to sleep now and
please do forgive us if we do
not visit for awhile.....

Take care and we love you all
and we will chat soon, very soon........

We WÏLL be back as we will be
celebrating Christmas now!!!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Awards From & To Good Furiends.......

a BIG ThankQ
who presented this to us way back
in September.....
Yes, way Back in September!

our apologies as we forgot to post earlier...

we're supposed to list 7 random things
about ourselves and
then tag 15 bloggers

as we have two Awards to be
 thankful for,
we will divide this post between
Tiffy and moi

CoCo on Tiffý:
7 random things about Tiffy:

1)  Tiffy is a poodle who is less intelligent
than a chihuahua and
not as intelligent as she Thinks...

2) Behind that angelic face is a Devil
in disguise!

3) she sleeps IN mumster's shoes

4) she is a Kissing s$%&^!

5) she is fearful of unfamiliar noises...
quite cowardly at times......

6) when out in her carrier, she likes
Licking unsuspecting hoomans esp
little hooman puppies...

7) with her chicken in her mouth,
 she whines like a hooman puppy
after she poos...

CoCo: There you have it!
Hey, Tiff, pick your 15 doggie furiends!!!

Tiffy:  That CoCo is Not very nice ...
I have many furiends but I will close my
eyes and just pick randomly as
i 'm nicer than CoCo and
hope NOT to offend my furiends...
Santa&Minnie........ Sagira    Bunny...
3Doxies PiappesWorld   Samantha
FiestyThree  Mayzie Mochi

Toby&gang  Khyra
Tessa     Olive  Lorenza

CoCo: told you  Tiffy can't count!

Now, please Don't Forget to go
to your furiends' blogs
 to inform them of the award!!!

ThankQ to Olive  for this award

List 10 things about yourself
and then tag 15 furiends

Tiffy on CoCo
Tiffy: now's my turn bol...

1) my sister CoCo loves me lots
but is too egoistic to admit it!

2)  she eats her own poo, ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

3) i think she's a hooman in disguise
with That eye contact....

4)  she Can't lie on her back bol....

5)  she's cuckoo as she Turns
round in circles during feeding
and she Can't pee or poo
without turning !!!

6)  she likes sitting on dadster to
keep an eye on mumster; i mean
Really keeping an eye on mumster
 at ALL times!

7)  if she claims to be intelligent,
why is she hiding Where
she Can be Seen???

8) she Calls out to crawlies
when she wants to snack...
she thinks THEY are Stooooopid???

9) she snaps and growls at mumster
and then Expects to be fed...
is she Dense or what????

10) she Thinks She Can Dance...BOL!!!

11) oooooops, that's it????

Tiffy:  hey CoCo,
you have Any furiends?????

CoCo: you wait, you little minx.....
My good furiends:

Sugar    JD&Max  OP Pack

TheGirls    Riley   Yoda&Brutus

BookerMan  SquirrelQueen  Twinkie

Sprinkles  Zoolatry girls Tweedles

Peggy   Farley  Twix  Asta

AveryJack  Brutus  Daisy  Mack

Dennis  DipDip Chester  Kissabull

Tiffy:  now, WHO Can't Count?????
Have a good Monday all........

Tiffy &

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Guess Who Tiffane Is Related To???????????

mummyyyyyyyyyy, aunt Jess CAN'T be related to
Tiffy ?????
they do look so alike bol.........

I am definitely Not related to Either...

A Very Happy Birthday to aunt Jessica,
...our photog uncle WLiem's Jess...
( a great way to remember your birthday Bol
and Dare we ask "how young?" )

slightly older than Tiffy?????


Friday, November 12, 2010

Sincere Gratitude....From the Bottom of our Hearts

we should Not take things and hoomans for granted
and since i'm 11months ( not years, please....) today

(oh no, soon i'll be as old as my old geezer sister..
hey, that's a fact; if not, please enlighten me
as to how old is considered Old??? )

i would like to take this opportunity...
to thank our hoomans for taking care of us
and for bringing home the bacon
and to mum for burning and eating the bacon
( hey, that's quoting dadster ! )

our furiends for their love and tolerance ...
for  putting up with our antics and
being on this crazy ride with us....

our favourite uncle WeeLiem
(well, he's mum's good friend )
a talented ballroom dancer
(together with his wife, aunt Jess)
 photographer besides moonlighting
as an engineer...or is it
the other way around???
( the moon is lit by him???)

an engineer who dances and shoots well!

From the bottom of our tiny hearts,
We Love All of You...

my smaller, big sister CoCo
is as usual,
deFavourite of most hoomans....

and of course, i AM grateful for
these miserable Three pictures from uWLiem.....*sigh*

gratefully yours,

pee ess:  i will be ONE year old soon...yipeeee!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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