Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Starts TODAY December 1 .....

we looooove Christmas and the month of December

Christmas is family & friends, love, giving and sharing

THIS in particular because
mumster's mum is a Christmas baby
mumster and her best friend Jennifer who lives in London
will be celebrating their birthdays on Dec30 and Dec31

this beautiful  rendition of Blue Christmas by Steve Carlson
IS moi's favourite
and we hope you FEEL it too.....

Steve's mumster  Sandy is that creative, wonderful hooman
who loves to cook and
you can find her deeeelish food at  her blog 

chikisses and come celebrate happy December with moi

Sunday, November 29, 2009

ThankQ for Our Awards

hello there..........
we trust that our American friends
 have had a wonderful Thanksgiving

and as mentioned earlier, even though we do
not celebrate Thanksgiving as a nation
that did not stop us from thinking of ALL of you,
if we were honest, more like
thinking and salivating over your turkey dinner
 and all the goodies bol.........

now that the holiday weekend is over, 
we should have your full attention, yes????

 who very kindly bestowed the following awards on us

thank you to  Dinah & Bridget 
the two chihuahua girls and their brother Elliot
who live in the North East of England
go visit them as how can you not love them when
they looove horror movies
and  " for food" bol......

we also received the same award from Twix
 who together with Sedona gave us THAT  hot night out,
while visiting Twix, do stay and wish her granny
a speedy recovery from her recent surgery

NOW, we couldn't believe it when we received the
same award three times...
this time from our funny friend Doraz
you just HAVE to visit deDoraz for
 that daily dose of funnies.....

i know, i know we are dawgs but
hey, this hooman is dang funny
initially moi was hesitant
to embrace  hoomans into my blogland
but later realized that

we need these crazy hoomans like mumster around
to appreciate being dawgs
and NEVER ever wanting to return as hoomans
in my next life bol.......i'm begging now lord, tq

THIS is the difficult part as i'm supposed to present
 this award to 15 deserving friends
hey, ALL my friends are deserving
so i'm going to hand this over to mumster

shoot, she's chicken and says she's not going to offend anyone
so we gave dadster the job
THAT 3legger is worse and says
so like the obedient bitch that i am ( for the first time bol.....)
my followers , please do take this award with all my love

this next award is from my dear friend Max from South Africa

tq Maxi , we are blessed too for having you in our lives
Max is recovering from surgery and his mumster's mum
is in a better place now
but it will take some time for Max's family  to heal
so do go over to help Max return to being the
wonderful tour guide that we miss

i'm supposed to present this award to 5 friends
since i've been such an obedient dawg
with regards to the first award,
( mumster says moi was not obedient but just plain lazy ....)

i'm still NOT going to offend ALL my dawg friends
 since i can't choose
so i'm awarding this to my HOOMAN friends

and they ARE full of funny bones too so
  my DAWG friends, do visit laughing
you will live longer, much longer bol.......

that fun hooman who has a unique spin on life

that  funny mama mia with the kindest heart

another funny hooman with a funnier dawg

Silindile Ntuli
a VERY brave inspirational hooman

another very brave inspirational hooman
whom you'll regret not visiting

a teddy bear of a hooman with a good heart
who does Not do awards
so this is an honorary award


who ever said that moi follow rules bol......

chikisses and have a great week ahead,

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL Our Friends

borrowed from the generous Sedona. TQ

All  that food  makes us wish that we celebrate Thanksgiving here

Since we don't, we would like to wish

ALL our friends who celebrate
A Very Happy Thanksgiving

We are very thankful that YOU are in our lives
and we wish you well


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

WordlessWednesday - Sugar....less Baby


The Pearl of the Orient - Penang Island

Hello, this is Coco and I would like to share with you our weekend break in Penang Island, a 5 hour drive north of Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia's capital city

But, before that, just to show where we are in relation to the rest of the world,
do enlarge to see the two tiny red dots - that's Malaysia ,
 divided into Peninsular ( that's where we're from ) and East Malaysia

We are separated by 500 km of the South China Sea

We reside in Kuala Lumpur, and we drove up north to Penang Island,
also known  as the "Pearl of the Orient"
look for George Town on the left hand corner

Penang is Malaysia's only island state and is a major holiday destination
many foreigners have also made it their second home

Penang, being an island is linked to the mainland by the Penang Bridge
an eight mile long bridge, the longest in Malaysia and
one of the longest in Asia

some beachfront pics, learn more here

We had a great time eating, eating and eating

there's a lot more to see but because
 we love to eat........
we just ate and ate

We trust you enjoyed this glimpse of our beautiful country
and we hope to share more with you soon

pee ess: do check out ALL the links to learn more, TQ

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not Quite Wordless ..........But Definitely a Thankful Wednesday

PS:  Hi, de Princess's mumster here.....

She's fine but I 'll have to watch her closely.  What I didn't share earlier was that she did vomit,  was sleeping and urinating more and with that swarm of ants on her pee pads on numerous occasions, I panicked.  The second test was 'iffy'  hence the third test which did not change colour.

What this incident taught me is that I can't take things for granted, she's more delicate than I thought and I just have to be more careful ( did give her sugar occasionally as I was informed that it helps her coat - stupid and ignorant me, I know now....)

The most challenging thing about canine diabetes is the fact that it may not have any symptoms at all

Thank Q for caring

PeePee Ess:  Hey All, today is also my GOTCHA day
this is how I met mumster......

Monday, November 16, 2009

Just An Update..........

Thank Q
to all who enquired about moi.....

I should be fine as I need to redo the urine test AGAIN
I think it has to do with the fact that because
I'm so tiny and delicate ,  whatever is normal for others
is always magnified in moi.....

I just need to fast again and I don't mind another test as
it's a toss up between that or
biting my vet!

He's actually praying very hard for moi NOT to appear............

another day , another test and hopefully
you'll see my funny face tomorrow.......

love you lots,
pee ess:   did you read that Max had his operation and is doing fine?  I'm soooooo happy 
but he still needs a lot of tender loving care......great news huh? Do  check out Petey's post for the update...

peepee ess:   let's take a moment to thank God for looking after all the other doggies & kitties who still need HIS help ......

We Are Baaaaaaaaad.......

Happy Belated Birthday to my big, brown buddy

I am a terrible friend as I just found out from Life with Dogs that your birthday was yesterday

I trust your day was , judging from THAT post, I have no doubt, BOL....

pee ess: our thoughts are also with Max and his mumster  and Snickers who need our
support right visit them when you can, TQ

peepee ess:  we will be testing our urine again today and if you don't see another post today, take that as Good news.......

Friday, November 13, 2009

ThankQ MaxDog for Lifting Our Spirits........

We went over to check on our dear friend Max
instead of feeling sorry and sad, we actually felt
so Happy seeing him so relaxed.........

TQ Maxi, you actually lifted our spirits and we KNOW
that no matter what happens with your specialist's appointment on Monday,

Thank Q for that positive attitude of yours
and yes,

We will live FOR and IN the moment
as you so wisely advised.....


pee ess: I actually banned mumster from leaking anymore.......geeeeez, I'm soaking from her
leak as I'm don't have much hair, eh fur bol.....

pee pee ess: To all the mumsters out there with not too well doggies,
we just want your cuddles and love and our treats of course,  bol....

the rest WILL be taken care of........cross our paws

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Here's NOT Looking at You Mum............WW15

in support of our dear & beautiful basset friends,

pee ess:  today is Max's surgery say a prayer for him and his family, TQ

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hello, We Are Well and We Trust You Are Too...

Dear friends, we just learnt that our dear friend Max from South Africa
will be undergoing surgery tomorrow.
Please pray for him and his family and I know HE will be looking after them too,

We are  well but sad on learning about Max......
We have not been posting owing to various reasons,
one of which is
we panicked unnecessarily when we suspected

that  deCoco may be diabetic...

Reasons for suspicion:  ugly black ants on her washable pee pads on numerous occasions

Reasons for anxiety:  the princess has had  operations on both knees  for luxated patellas /torn ligament
and because of her size and tiny veins, the vet had difficulty extracting blood from her;
in fact, he gave up trying...
so the thought of a blood test makes us jittery and Coco would probably be
traumatised enough to bite the vet again....

After numerous telephone conversations and fasting her the night before the consultation,

 her wise pedicurist  ( well, that's why deCoco is a princess and we're not, lol....)
suggested testing her urine with  keto/glucose strips.   A glucose-positive test indicates likely canine diabetes; if it shows ketones,  you need to get to the veterinarian right away.

Results:  glucose negative and we are repeating the test again on Monday
meanwhile, no bananas, pears etc just for this week

Hopefully, she does not have to visit the poor panic stricken vet and his assistants for awhile as
they fear this little 3 pounder LOL....

thanks for caring,
lilian &

pee ess:  we also didn't post earlier as we knew the aunties would be worried too
if we didn't have answers......

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HappyWednesday ALL........

Even silence speaks.........


Just When We Needed A Laugh........

our friend Lee Anne from  Cape Town, South Africa
sent us this news clipping just when we needed a laugh
thank you Leey......

aha.....this actually mirrored some of the pranks mumster committed
not too long ago......

do enjoy & chikisses,

Thanks for visiting

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