Friday, February 26, 2010

Delicious, Yummy, To Die For........???

we couldn't allow the ChineseNewYear
food binge celebrations to end this Sunday Feb28

without sharing these yummy cookies
which we only get to savour
during CNY

yep, just ONCE a year
so can you blame us if we have no choice
but to give in to temptation....

i challenge you to resist these noms noms...

 crunchy cashew nut cookies that's
out of this world....

here's to expanding waistlines
on the hoomans,  of course !!!

sloppy chikisses,

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Inspirational Wednesday

Inspirational hoomans
this brave hooman is only 26 ( er, 182 in dawg yrs )
has had amnesia since 2004
is bedridden and

yet has the most positive outlook in life...
go visit her and be inspired


don't you dare feel sorry for her as
she'll have none of it!!!
this 56 yr old hooman was told that
he was dying 4yrs ago
since then, he has been sharing
his thoughts on his struggle

with congestive heart failure
a brain tumour

go put a smile on his face and
don't be surprised if
He puts a smile on
Your Face instead!!!
how can we not be inspired by these hoomans?

my furiend who inspires me daily...

Max of South Africa

Max: yes Coco,  i'm still awake ....
yes Coco,  Toffee can't see you ...
yes Coco, Tammy will not be jealous ...
yes Coco,  we will go swimming tomorrow ...
may i pleeeeeze have my beauty sleep ????

chikisses for an inspiring Wednesday,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Tuesday at CoCoLand.....

hello furiends
before i proceed further,
this needs clarification from mumster:

Tiffane WAS a houseguest
as we were babysitting for Lee
but after a week, we couldn't
bear sending her back to her
'solitary confinement' at the
'concentration camp'  BOL
we convinced Lee to allow us
to keep her...
My prince charming's birthday
being on Feb19, 
 Tiffane was his surprise present
( i trust this clears up any confusion...)

i know i'm blessed to be able to call
 all of you furiends
and when you take the time to award me
i want to Thank You
in front of the whole doggie world...
( and this is long apologies )
This was given to me by Sprinkles

you wouldn't regret visiting them
as they will definitely put a smile on
your faces

there are rules to this and since
when do i play by the rules Bol......

i'm also supposed to award this to 10
other bloggers BUT i will double that
to 20 yeah!!!

DipDip and the Bridge
Mack&Sally Ann
Yoda & Brutus   Doraz
do drop by to pick up the above award...

this Sunshine award makes me smile
and it's from my dear friend
who has an amazing sense of humour
that will tickle your funny bone
er, if you have one bol......

i'm supposed to pass this on to 12 dawgs
hmmmmm, ok ,
i can be obedient sometimes...

This Sweet Friends award came from
our dearest friends
who have been our friends
before we started blogging
you HAVE to go visit and
try not to fall in love.....

this award goes to

Please pass these on to
as many dawgs as you like...


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some Ground Rules for My Sister, BOL

we're normally too lazy to post on weekends
but today is an exception
to address Qs posed and
to set some ground rules...

surprisingly, deCoco is quite sweet in her own way
 and is
 NOT rejecting Tiffy outright
told you the 2legger is a pushover

Towels & blankies:  they will share
i didn't mind giving her my older ones but the little
devil told ME she does not like anything second hand
the cheek of her; told you she's not that innocent....

Toys: Coco is not into toys so there shouldn't be a problem
what? just because i don't play with them does Not
mean i don't like them!!!  i'm preserving them!!!
LDevil flaunts my toys in my face

Beds: Coco has one too many
again? they are mine, MINE
LDevil has laid claim with a Pee
over my favourite!!!
just wait till the 2legger is busy ...

Clothes:  Tiffy does not require clothes, thank goodness
with that fat bod or hers, she'll look preggers
and there's no way her big hiney can fit into any of mine

she told me her neked bod wins mine hands down!!!

You do realise  that the 2&3legger are oblivious
to our exchange......she whispers in my ear knowing
they don't understand her baby talk

Potty/PeePads:  Coco uses it but Tiffy refuses to; in
time she should get used to it
she wouldn't as she says the pads stink of moi !!!

Blog for Tiffy: one blog for both is more than enough
i thought i had a life before blogging LOL...
she will be allowed talk time when she
behaves; now, she speaks through me

Bonding: my dream is they bond and learn
to share and love each other
sharing i have no choice; bringing her home
without consulting moi AND now
having to love her too?

that's pushing your luck mum!!!!

i know i sound whiney and wouldn't you
if you were in my position???
ah well, life goes on and
tomorrow is another day....

my thoughts are with my bloggie friends 
like Max who
have more serious issues

chikisses to all my friends for their advice
on how to blame treat my new sis with TLC

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Remember THAT Houseguest???

Do you remember that houseguest
 dadster was smitten with???
dadster was going gaga over her...

THIS one???
the little minx was sucking up to dadster

Well, she is STAYING as

She's now my new SISTER!!!
dear god, did i ever pray for one???
i don't mean to be disrespectful but
are you hard of hearing and maybe
sent her to the wrong address???

Her name was Tiffany before and TIFFANE now
i don't see the reason to be different just because...
she's a tiny two month old Poodle
born on December12
She now measures 6inches from neck to tail
and weighs 550gms
she may be small but she's devious

Likes:  chasing me, playing with my toys
eating and sleeping
loooves barking
wait till mumster shows her the chillies ha
pouncing on me from the back
do that one more time and your
little tail is history...

is dang cute according to the hoomans
those eyes are not that innocent...

Well, you stay in there until you learn
to pee and poo where mumster wants you to
you'll never be as clean as me!!!

geeeez, as if i  have nothing better to do
than supervise you...
those eyes may fool our 2&3legger but
not me bol...
well, behave yourself and i may tolerate you
since you're mumster's birthday pressie for dadster
only mumster will pay for you...

Mumster: Tiffy is adorably playful and will prove a
handful as she's yappy.  She is also trying to be
the alpha dog and Coco is tolerating her. 
It will take sometime for them to bond -
 toes and fingers and paws crossed!!!

i'm having nightmares tonight,

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'M Still Grinning from Ear to Ear

As you are all aware that
 MAX has been on a whirlwind tour
over Valentine's week and

 on the last leg of his tour
he decided to visit us here in
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Chinese New Year 2010 coincided
with Valentine's day
and the eating binge  new year celebrations
will continue for 15 days from Feb14

So, it was the opportune time for Max to visit!!!

While Maxi was tired but happy to be
on his way home to South Africa
as he misses his family

He made the most of his trip here....

I promised his mumster Caryl that I will look
after my buddy and keep him safe
I  did   not
say we will be good and will not stress
my mumster nor give her a heart attack...

Max's first day in KL
( KLites reference to Kuala Lumpur)
Before we went dancing on his first night here,
we went for a relaxing swim

I was ecstatic to be with my friend
and didn't want to tire him out

so after a siesta, we proceeded to meet my friends
for the Chinese NY reunion dinner
 but on the way there,
Maxi couldn't resist checking out this restaurant
Elcerdo which serves pork dishes

we sniffed out  the place and these dishes
and decided to stay here for dinner

My other friends were kind enough to postpone 
the Chinese New Year reunion dinner
 to the following day
see the piggy decorations?


After a delicious meal and a good night's sleep
( aunt Caryl, I made sure Max took his
medication and he slept like a log bol...)

Max's second day in KL

was our Chinese New Year reunion meal

fried tau foo with minced meat

beans and peas with dried shrimps

steamed clams

marmite pork ribs

butter prawns
Warned you earlier
that we looove to eat.....

The next day and Max's last day in KL
After THAT meal, we decided to walk it off
the next day and Max's last day in KL


Chester had flown in all the way from America
just to meet Max and me........and
we had the most wonderful time
chatting and just enjoying our time together

It was the BESTest day of my life
to have both my buddies here
all 3 of us together

ThankQ to Max's and Chester's mumsters
for allowing us this precious time together

I wouldn't even go into our last day together
as it was so difficult to say goodbye

I will cherish the memories of us
together and I love you

pee ess: just received word that both my buddies
are home safely

pee pee ess: TQ to Asta's mumster for showing my
mumster who sweet talked dadster into
editing our sweet memories

Chinese New Year Houseguest

Chinese New Year is celebrated
for 15 days from February 14
er, that's when we eat nonstop.....
well, not nonstop but
we will find any excuse to have a meal
with friends and family

This year, the lunar new year
coincided with Valentine's day
and although love was in the air,
there's no reason to
shove it in my face bol......

unfortunately, this houseguest is staying
 the entire Chinese NYear period

that's fine as long as she knows her place...

oh, by the way, she's Tiffany, a toy poodle
 ( she was two months old on Feb12 )
belonging to our friend Lee
who's home visiting his dadster
who lives 3 hours away

my dadster is smitten with her and that's NOT
a good, not at all !!!

pee ess:  do visit my friend Sugar  who did a cute post on CNY

Thanks for visiting

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