Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Houseguest, My Stepsista

she does Not have a name yet
and she's just 6 weeks old
and waiting for her forever home......

we've been calling her babyCoCo
( uncle Lee calls ALL his new pups CoCo....
weird hooman)

she's small but quite the talker.....and whispered
that we Share the same Poodad but different Poomums

( hmmmmm, our poodad is quite the stud...)

reeeeeeally????? you're sure?????

I Am your stepsista!!!

i  Don't like that chi CoCo as she ignores me...

CoCo will come around......soon
oops, maybe Not as it took her 3 months
to play with me...

you will Not be around long enough as
you will be going back to uncle Lee next week

 you stick around me kid
 for a week at least.....

i pray you go to a good forever home, baby CoCo


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Payback Time..........Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Greeeeat, ribbons OFF!!!

thanks for all your comments on my ribbons
although i couldn't stand them!!!

it's My post today as i wanted to

Thank ALL of you for being so patient
as i couldn't visit ALL of you yet

and i've BRIBED mumster
with ice cream
she's taking her time to visit my furiends...

my paws were Not very steady as i'm still a novice...

can you see my sista CoCo???

with THREE shots, she Can't Deny Now, can she???
( these hoomans can easily be bribed, can't they, ha!)

Next, i'd wanted to repay CoCo for showing
you How I Sleep....

THIS is how my sista sleeps....Enjoy!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Am NOT A Fashionista!!!

just because CoCo IS
into clothes, it
that i'm into
 Ribbons, Bol!!!

 the groomer DID THIS but
it Does Not mean mumster can
Use this excuse to
Keep this on MEEEE.......


pee ess: the tee on me is
there Only to cover my nekedness.....

Thanks for visiting

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