Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chester, What ARE U Doing???

Chester, my dear buddy
What ARE you doing????

I don't know about your other paramours
Do I now have to CONVINCE
the beautous Truffles that

I am just a PLATONIC friend
do I have to spend AN HOUR
lying er, trying to convince her????

OK, I will call her BUT
you'll have to remember NOT to fall asleep

and to delete
ALL our  amorous sms from your handphone,

your platonic friend,
pee ess:  good luck and I'll be praying for you....
or you'll be dead dawg meat bol...

By the way, I'm assuming you are up to date
 with the latest shenanigans of your other
friend, the T's boo boo???

Oh Chester,  I really DON'T
want to be smoked out like Uchitel er, the friend

Just Chilling with DadsterWW


Monday, January 25, 2010

Told You that I AM Shy......

this is moi in the morning and i've always maintained
that I AM A SHY girl.....

this is better without the papers...

now you'll believe me, right???


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Walking and Keeping Our Promise

Last weekend, we had a relaxing walk
around a beautifully serene lake

before settling down
to a hearty breakfast
 at this lovely brasserie overlooking the lake

Later the same day, we delivered
the food that we had bought

We are looking forward to a happening weekend
and trust yours will be fun too


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Have Been Really Tardy.....

We have been truly baaaad and tardy lately and
I'd like to NOT blame anyone but moi
as I've not been very good at supervising my hooman bol....

Firstly, I have not been visiting my friends.....kick hiney once

Next, I have not thanked my friends for being so nice
as to award me these...... kick hiney harder, ouch!!!

This award with no strings attached
 was from my kindEST friend
ms Doraz who has funny bones galore
( do visit her if you want your bones tickled )
and is one of the nicest hooman
you'll ever meet....Trust this dawg!!!

The ever generous & talented PurpleHatter
the one who designed all the
beautiful awards for moi
designed this for ALL his lady bloggers

He didn't stop at this as the PurpleMan
also presented us with this

and we have to pass it along to 3 other bloggers
so we present this to

That generous PurpleMan
then designed this special cartoon award
which we have to share
with our new followers

and we are honoured to give this
to  our new followers
the last 16 followers on our sidebar

Alex    Sam    Louisiana Belle
Suka   Sedona  RaHusky

Here's praying that I did not miss out
anything or anybody to thank.....ooops
just missed having my hiney kicked Xtra hard....

pee ess: We did MISS this award....
from our friend Dennis the Vizsla

ThankQ and we deserve this kick
to our already bruised hiney...

As moi's not one to follow rules,
I would like to present this award
to EVERYONE on our blogroll
yes , you read right!!!



Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Slave to deKitty......

arghhhhhh, a slave forever???????
pee ess: Loldogs are the bestEST

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Waterfall Wednesday Bol.....

Would never trust a smiling dawg again.....


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thankful Thursday 07January

We've not done much for the many friends that we've made
here in blogosphere
and we've not shown our appreciation

With this post, we would like to

Show Some Love
to the friends who commented and
will be commenting on our
previous post

This makes it so much easier for moi to
honour our friends
as it is really so difficult to choose every time
we know for a fact that
without mentioning the names,
no one will come forward to accept the awards
Please share this award with at least 5 friends...

Our beautiful award was made for us by
the talented and generous
whom you just HAVE to visit
if you have not done so!!!!

This post is also for our dear pal

who despite her challenges is ever gracious
and cheerful..... with the loving help

Tessa couldn't open one of our emails and
couldn't see the princess's doggie bags
so here they are
and the bags are CoCo's security blankets
as she has opted to sleep in them
instead of her beds, sometimes...

chikisses for the upcoming weekend,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello First Wednesday of 2010

Happy Wednesday All...
pee ess: not trying to be rude;
 my tonguey just had to make an appearance
to kickstart 2010, bol...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010.......

Hello 2010 and
a Wonderful 2010 to all our dear friends

Today is a meaningful post as
it's our 100 posting
we  have 100+ followers

A BIG ThankQ to ALL
who awarded us the honour

To commemorate today, January 1 2010
we would like to follow Hero's example
in donating to the

Now, it's my duty to ensure that
the hoomans are obedient bol....


pee ess: will post our gifts once we're done with the shopping....

Thanks for visiting

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