Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Darling Sister, deCoCorue

mumster has been asked numerous times
whether it's easy looking after
my less intelligent  sister CoCo......

CoCo IS, after all, quite small
weighing in at 3lbs 7ozs/1.55kg
and don't forget she measures only 9ins
from neck to tail!

and she's already 5years young!

she's actually not too bad looking for an old geezer

hmmmmm, not too bad at all;  just Not as
intelligent as moi on the
 Ranking scale.....
( she's 67 to my number 2 on the scale!!!)

occasionally, i have to keep her in line....and
to show her who's boss bol!

she loves fruits, especially apples and bananas
(  just a tiny slice will do)
she has two meals daily besides fruits

Two table spoonfuls of dry kibbles - Natural Balance
with yogurt in the mornings
another two spoonfuls of dry kibbles with
lamb or fish at nights
(or just dry kibbles when mumster
is  lazy  busy....)

( she's cheap to upkeep and i eat double the amount...)

the occasional treat will keep her your slave happy

when she behaves, she is allowed to join us
for cappuccino........

she used to love swimming Before
she fell into a koi pond!!!
(she was being chased by another poodle, ha ha)

she may be economical to feed
she does love her carriers......

errr, she's also a fashionista....
( still can't figure out why she has a Need
for clothes......)

Now, IF she's too much for anyone to handle,
I'm Not going anywhere.....
and i'm err, quite adorable.........

Happy Halloween ,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Can't Believe We've Been Away This Long........

we've been away for Toooooo long Tiff!!!

hey Tiff, we've got to get off our hiney.....

any longer and no one will recognise us..........

oh yeah?

maybe it's You CoCo that will be forgotten..... bol!!!
(  i know i'll be fine.........
did you guys get My air kisses?????????)

shall we get Her home now?

why is She Still Not visiting our furiends?????

you know how to type, right CoCo???

see you all soon..........

Tiffy &

Thanks for visiting

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