Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Eating Binge Is Supposed To End Today...

Today is supposedly the last day of
the ChineseNewYear celebrations
And the last day of  the mumster's food binge
as usual, she has another good excuse
for this coming Saturday Feb19's
dinner.....err, dadster's birthday....
she's trusting we are that naive!!!

this being her first CNY
my sista is confused and paying close attention
to my explanation of CNY's traditions
and mumster's excuses for her food binge!
CoCo:  Tiff, all the family gatherings, the eating
is supposed to bring good luck for the new year
and the more mumster eats, the more luck
for her and us, ok?

Tiffy: yes, CoCo

CoCo: before, the celebration lasted a whole
month and now luckily it only lasts
for 15 days.......can you imagine  mumster's
waistline if she eats nonstop for a month???

you know, the food we ate are symbolic?
eg: dumplings - they look like golden nuggets
oranges -perfectly round symbolizing wholeness
and completeness
long noodles - for long life
you get, Tiffy???

Tiffy:  yes, CoCo

CoCo:  remember how i had to help
clean the house Prior to CNY? to clear
any bad luck from last year???

your hair trim and my new clothes.....
for a fresh start to the new year?

our red packets.....filled with $$$
for wealth and prosperity for this year

Tiffy: yes, CoCo...
so  YOU will be encouraging her
to continue eating
for endless luck for us???

and Tiffy

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Prayer Wednesday

Twix Needs Our Prayers
Please visit our furiend Twix
who is ill , thankQ

AN UPDATE:  Twix is better!!!
You can visit her Here
and also say a prayer for her

i believe
my sister CoCo IS somewhere under this blankie...

lots and lots of loving licks

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It Has Been Very Hectic Around Here.......You Too???

Hello, hello........
How is everyone?????????

We have been MIA and we do have
many, er, rather good Excuses.........

we just welcomed the  Lunar New Year
on Thursday February3
we are STILL celebrating as ChineseNewYear
is celebrated for 15 days.......

Yes, you read right, 15 whole days of
 yum yum Eating!!!

i guess, the above pictures are self-explanatory???

along the way, we met up with new friends and
old bol..........
auntie Yukiko trying to explain Tico's presence...

MY new bf Tico who seemed more
taken by  my sister CoCo....hmmmmm,
i wonder Why???......
( CoCo does look deliciously juicy ha......)

our old friend, ChiChi
and her adoring mummy.....

CoCo desperately hanging on to her Divaness...

our cool and talented cousin SanYen
( i just had to add him here......i may be
a dawg and who Dare say i can't drool over
a hooman hunk? )

now, You Can't expect me to be amused
being handled This way.....huh, you
leeeeeeetle hooman puppy.....

THIS is total Betrayal!!!

That sister and dadster Left me with that
leeeeeeetle hooman puppy

so they can go chill at That coffee place again!!!

guess i can only Depend on my faithful dawgies........

So , that's my eventful week
i trust yours was fun too???

Our furiend TWIX is unwell
and we Know that if
 we All Pray together,
she WILL get better,
we just KNOW it.....
Will you please join us in
wishing her well, thankQ


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