Monday, March 29, 2010

Driving My Sister Crazy Monday......


Loving Monday as I'm driving
Coco crazy bol.......


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday.......We Are Truly Blessed

Our sincere apologies to our furiends

for this long overdue post

Our beautiful furiend Tessa & her mumster Blu
designed this Special award for all their furiends

TQ Tess, we do feel Very Special to be
considered your furiend...

Our dear furiend Daisy, Pink Daisy
gave us not one but TWO awards
specially created for her by
our talented hooman

the One & OnlyPurpleHatter
how cool is that??? thankQ Daisy

How can we thank the ever generous
Mack & Sally Ann
for being the perfect hosts
on our trip of a lifetime to Europe!

We  ate our way through Paris, Lyon, Venice, Florence
and skied in the French Alps

do check out all the furends who went on
this wonderful trip And
who had to put up with my little sister too

ThankQ Mack & SallyAnn

Mack & SallyAnn

It would be an honour if the THREE of you
would accept this PurpleHatter award from us
with our love and
with No strings attached

I hope you like this....

Some of our furiends wanted a comparison of
my Then & Now pictures with the jumbo teacup

at 3.5months 550gms
teacup dia:  5.5ins

at four years + and weighing 3lbs 2 oz

Have a nice day and a great weekend ahead,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NearlyWordlessW - Soon To Be Four.............. Months; Er, That's Tiffy

Jumbo teacup measuring 5.5"dia

( that WAS me as a baby at nearly 4 months...)

and Tiffy
( and that's me NOW at nearly 4 months...)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Monday Funday, So Good to Me.......

hello hello,  this is Tiffane
and i have missed chatting with you

i trust you've  been well and missing me
as much as i've missed you!!!

i'm slowly getting used to this madhouse and
my funny disaster prone hoomans and of course my
moody sister, who is lurking somewhere...

quick, read before she returns as
 i 'm dying to share these tidbits....

First off, i would like to congratulate THE dawgies
who have received these  Dogster awards

sorry , i can't remember your names as i don't
read too well yet and even writing this
is with my daddy's help....and
( you DO Know Who you are, right ???...)

We I  received these same awards recently
from the  team and i'm so excited!

well, these awards have to be for Me
as according to my daddy,
 if they were meant for Coco
she would have received them
many moons ago
she HAS been blogging since July 2009!!!

well, My daddy thinks it's my posts that nailed these
awards and my daddy knows best!!!

we were tagged by our cousins Chewy&Lilibell
and that little rascal mischievous my daddy says i
can't go wrong by calling you this...)

to follow these rules ( they dream...)

1. Open my first photo folder
( what's a folder? ...)

2. Scroll down to the tenth photo
( it's good that i really can't count )

3. Post the photo and tell the story behind it
( aunt Nadine & Twink Twink
 this HAS to be about Coco as
i was NOT Born then hee hee...)

4. Tag 5 more people ( you Do mean dawgs?)

my 5  unlucky victims are:
( Coco says  Tweedles is one hell of a dancer...)

( my sister has a 'thing' for him but....)

( another dawg that's already taken but that's sooo Coco )

( now, don't tell me You too are spoken for???)

( you HAVE to be available or i wouldn't
be able to get rid of her, pleeeease???)

My Sister
la piece de resistance!!! 

the story so far:
mummy:  isn't she just so cuuute in those jeans?
i bought them in Bangkok.  look at that cute hiney!

daddy:  i will NOT allow her Out in that!  she's too exposed!
( daddy, you mean she looks too 'slutty,' bol... )

this IS pic 10a...daddy says
( Look at her 'Loving ' the moment ha )
( she can Barely walk.....what
a fashion slut ! )

too good a chance to pass up
i May not be This lucky again bol....
( i will Never be caught in Those jeans, ever! )
imagine the  sleazy"dog calls"

i don't know about you guys, but i'm a happy pup today!!!
it's worth seeing my sister's irate face bol.....

happy Monday all
pee ess:  try not to be too good till we chat again...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wonderful Thankful Friday March12

Happy Barkday to my dear friend Max
who turns 10 today

my sista Tiffane who is
3 months & 650gms today

A new friend Jingle 
 who writes beautifully despite quote:

gave me this beauty of an award

i would like to share this special award with

Max :  for teaching me the meaning of 'love'

Asta:  for being so helpful and for just being You

Mack & SallyAnn:  for including me in the trip of a lifetime

Bijou:   for always being there for New bloggers
( and you thought No One noticed, huh???)

Riley & Star:  for having the Best column around
and for dishing out the best advice
( you were Born for this job and the hoomans
can learn a thing or two from you....)

Tessa:  for looking after your mumster so well
and for being so well behaved
( you want to train my sista and maybe keep her???)

Nadine & Tiffany:  for encouraging me to blog despite my
initial reluctance and without whom,
i would not have been part of this wonderful world
of blogging doggies & their ever suffering
wonderful mumsters bol.....

ThankQ All and have a wonderful weekend

& the little pest Tiffy

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My First Award to My Forever Friends....

Happy Monday everyone,
this is Tiffy again
as Coco says that Mondays are
Not her days...
( i wonder which are Her days bol...)

and this will be my last post
for a long time as
according to Coco
'respect is earned'
not given
and I will have to earn hers
if i want to post again......

For All the support accorded to me
in my first post, I would like to say

a big ThankQ
with this PurpleHatter award to

EVERYONE who commented and will be
commenting on my previous post
as You're All Special to me...

Friends Forever???
pee ess:  i hope you don't forget me soon...

Friday, March 5, 2010

This Is Tiffane and This Is My First Post

hello everyone, this is Tiffane
this is my first post!!!

my sister Coco allowed me to post today

as i'm feeling lost without my daddy
who has gone away to Indonesia
and will be back next week...

i do love Coco and i like to show her my love
by kissing her but
she's funny because whenever i touch her
she jumps like this....
 like she's been electrocuted...

sometimes, i like to 'shock' her too
by butting her with my nose
by charging into her, ha ha....

because i'm still a baby
( but i will be 3 months old on  Fri March12 !!! )
i'm still very playful

i've found a way to plant a surprise kiss
from beneath her
like this....

and like this ha ha.....
i lick her and then i run away

at least now she Does Not run away from me
she just turns her pretty face away

you will learn to love me, Coco...

pee ess: take care till i'm allowed to post again.....

Monday, March 1, 2010

There IS Still Hope for Us ......

my little sister, Tiffane, Tiffy for short

Born:  Dec12  2009
Weighs:  580gms
Length:  6ins from neck to tail

with that innocent looking face
that has Fooled many gullible hoomans...

hmmmm, i must say that i'm getting used to HER...
now , just don't jump for joy YET and
don't let on to mumster, please...

at least i don't jump away from her like
i used to with all previous houseguests...

the little devil still butts me with her Nose
and i scare her sometimes by snapping at her
and she screams and run like a mad hooman

she Can Scream and scram bol....

she has this annoying habit of
plonking her FULL face
down on MY food bowl

and shoving me aside
After she has finished with her food!

the cheek of her!!!

i MUST teach her a lesson
er, some manners

she loooves kissing and
leaves Wet kisses on anything and
any hooman silly enough to endure
those sloppy kisses.....

like lovesick dadster, yuuuuuuuuks!!!

i wonder Where she learnt to kiss like That
at her age!!!

the 2&3legger had better control her
before she runs wild bol...

and they have a LLo wannabe on their hands!!!
waiting for the Right Time, wrong place
to teach her some manners.....
mumster, dadster is kissing a Lolita!!!
(TQ Bunny)
pee ess: You may Not be aware that We Are
currently on a Parisian trip organised by
Mack & SallyAnn 
and i've just sent Tiffy home
so that we can continue our trip with
some skiing and then Italy???

Our Wonderful Friend, the PurpleHatter...

By now, most of you would have seen
some of the beautiful awards
designed by our friend
 the One and Only

for surprising us with this lovely award
We can't thank you enough for Not Resting
on your Off Day

That's right, the PurpleMan works really hard
and only has ONE day off a week
and instead of resting and recharging
He thinks of his friends and spends
his free time designing awards  for us....

How giving and thoughtful is that??????

Instead of taking away the focus on these
beautiful awards today,
I will just showcase them and
give them out  another day....

Here are some of the interesting awards
the PurpleMan has been dishing out lately...
for ALL of his friends
If you like Any of these,
please feel free to take them Now
Do pay a visit to this wonderful hooman
and say "hello" as he welcomes
new friends with open arms
and paws bol???....



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