Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello, Hello, Hello................


MISS All Of  You
Coco & I have been waiting for this moment
for soooooooo long....

We thank you for your patience, kindness and for
being such caring hoomans and furiends.

Grandma is slowly getting used to life
without grandpa and we're allowing
her All the time she
we're allowing her to borrow
mumster all the time too.........

Mumster sat us down to inform us that she's taking
grandma to visit mumster's sister Kathrine
in faraway Singapore ( an hour plane ride away)

We're NOT happy about this but we understand (barely)

I Can't speak for that  sulky CoCo but
I Do Undeerstand.....

Mumster Promised to allow us time to visit
our furiends when she returns from

And we're HOLDING her to her promise
with YOUR help, TQ

so see you week after next......
( paws totally crossed & crossed
again !!! )

poo & chikisses,


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Playful Wednesday; the Cat's Away...

Tiffy &
pee ess: shouldn't be long now before
we visit ALL of you as mumster's
getting back to her naggy self bol!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

We Just Have To Touch Base...

hello there,
we have not been able to visit any of you
and we trust you are all well...

turning 6 months today is a milestone
according to my mummy.....

she says that once i reach One Year old,
i will Not be getting a monthly update
so i must milk this for all i can.....

now's my turn to give Her the 'evil' eye bol...

see how much bigger i am now.....

i'm now
1200gms / 42ozs / 2lbs 10ozs / 1.2kg

i must Not leave out my sister Coco.....

my sister Coco at 4+ is

1450gms / 51ozs / 3lbs 3ozs / 1.45kg

Update on CoCoMum:    I am keeping an eye on my
mother  who is adjusting to life without dad. Her
church friends have been a comfort to her and
she is slowly getting back to her routine

A Big ThankQ for all your support too.

we will chat soon and do take care,
Tiffy &

Pee Ess:  Our furiend Ciara is also 6 months old like me;  do go visit her!

Thanks for visiting

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