Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Rocking Weekend Pawty......and a Realisation

My beautiful furiend Twix

and his wonderful, talented mumster

worked, dreamt, ate and
 had sleepless nights agonising over

you will regret if you don't
check this out!!!

as they'd wanted to ensure
we would have a wonderful time......

and dawgs, did we!!!

dear Twix & mumster,
for all your hard work,
will you please accept this
small token from Chester & I...

and this award .....as
this is the least we can do
to show our appreciation....TQ

 now, i am so out of it that all i want to do is Sleep...
i trust the other dawgs are not as sloshed as moi...

do check out my dapper date Chester
isn't he Gorgeous?
you should have seen all the salivating wodawgs
and the hissing dawgs!

and dawg, can Chester dance!!!

Chester has such exquisite taste in Shoes!!!!! and No,
he did Not require his mumster's help as

HE bought me those killer heels and bless his heart
he had to hide his disappointment when he realised
that even with Those heels,

i only reached his silky Ankles!!!

awwww, i loooove, love my outfit too
TQ Twix and mumster

I Love You Chester
and thank you for being such a gentledawg
and i trust you will accept this
bouquet with Xkisses...

as meeting you only made me realize
how selfish i have been......

You are One in a Million for Humouring me
* i couldn't show You off because
we can't even hold paws...
despite my killer heels!

* you had to look out for me All
the time and while dancing, you
had to ensure i didn't become
flattened Coco...

* everytime i'd wanted to kiss you,
i had to reach for the ladder!

* and when i kissed you, you
had to Hold your breath OR
i would be blown away, literally...

This is Not Fair to you and
i Know you are too kind to tell me...

so , i've decided that i should look
for someone Closer to My Size
( U will always have a special place in my heart... and
i was Not brought up to flirt with
someone that's already been taken..
.although i still may, bol! )

i also realised that when i age,
i will shrink and probably disappear and
would be hilarious!

so sad that i'm falling for Chester and
have to let him go .........
pee ess:  i have No choice as Chester is taken
( i could stay and fight but that's Not my style as his
heart does belong to Her * sob sob* )
pee ess ess: dear all, Chester being the good
furiend was Never mine; he was too kind hearted
to let me go alone.
I am the one in love, not him....*sobbing still*

Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Still Not Perfect But It Looks Promising Lol.......

It used to be a LOT of THIS evil eye looks...

Before it became this...

So, it's still Not perfect  as

I still have moods...

Will only play at certain times...

Will snap when my patience is tested...

I will touch you but only when I Want to...

My bed is not for sharing....

Yes, I know you're my sister

Just Don't push me and we'll be fine...

Mumster:  We are so thankful that Coco has
finally accepted Tiffy as we feared that
she had been on her own for too long

and we'd wanted to be Sure
that the playing was
Not a one time occurance!

Moving on.......

We would like to apologise to our friends
who awarded us many
many moons ago...

It's a good thing that I noted these
in my diary
instead of relying on mumster

The Fiesty Three
for this pawsome award,TQ

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Dennis the Vizla
for this wonderful sunshine award

Please accept our apologies for being so tardy
and we will be honoured if the
three of you
 will accept this special
PurpleHatter award from us...

given with love and no rules attached

We wish you all a wonderful Friday
and weekend ahead...


& Tiffy

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Finally!!! CoCo Approached Me To Play.....I Knew My Kisses Would Work !

Happy Wednesday
This is Too Special to be Wordless!!!

Happy Wednesday all,

pee ess:  Before this, CoCo has Never approached
nor touched me;  I have been the one following
and kissing her.

 She stopped running away yesterday and just turned 
her face away.......and then,  she approached me!

I nearly fainted from sheer joy!!!
and mumster went camera crazy
trying so hard to capture Every moment BOL!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Monday & My Sister Is Four Months Today.....

Happy Monday
 and we hope
these Orchids will put a Big smile
on your faces this morning.....

Malaysia is home to thousands of
indigenuous orchids

Today, my little sister Tiffy
is 4 months old  ( 900gms= 2lbs )

Mumster says we change
more during our earlier months till
we reach the Big One Year Milestone

Tiffy actually looks funny now
because mumster trimmed off all her hair
and put her in my baby outfits
as she was allergic to the salmon kibbles and
was scratching excessively.

She seems to have improved since
we switched her to lamb & brown rice 

My Little Sister.....
Tiffy at 2 months  ( 550gms ) when she came to us

Tiffy at 3 months

Tiffy at 4 months

ThankQ for your patience as you Do Know
how indulgent mothers can be with their little ones...

We trust This will ensure a
lasting smile through to the end of the week.....

Tiffy & Mumster

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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